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Off-site Classes


Arts & Creation


Have a Passion for arts and crafts?

Join Arts and Creation and have fun as we make different crafts every week through the exploration of various art mediums!

We will explore different artistic tools, like water colors, acrylics, clay, papier mache, mosaics and more!

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Drawing & Sketching

Calling all little artists!

Join us as we explore the world of drawing and sketching.

Learn a variety of drawing techniques and explore artistic tools.  Every child gets a Sketchbook and starts their Art Technical Skill Building journey.

Painting Club


Unleash your inner artist as we learn more about various artists and paintings from all over the world.

Every paint project features a renowned artist. We will also explore different painting techniques, brush strokes, color-mixing and re-create unique art.

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Mini & Little Makers

We believe in the freedom to get messy and let children explore their own creativity at their own pace. Our Preschool classes are designed especially for young children to unleash their creativity with our palette of tools as we create art projects ranging from story-telling, culture, nature and seasonal themes!

Clay Modelling