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We love to share what's happening

Hey Parents!

Our team have been working super super hard to give our darling campers the BEST HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE they could EVER ask for!


Here are the latest additions this camp season!

1.) We now have our very OWN Indoor Playground at Horsecity Campsite - a perfect camp extension for campers to enjoy camp activities and have fun at our playground! 

2.) We heard you Easties! We now have an East Coast Outlet! An indoor playground ensuite with a nice and cozy Cafe. Perfect spot for a nice cuppa coffee or tea as your child joins us for a wonderful camp experience.

3.) Lastly! This will be our last camp season at our Furama outlet. We have decided to move to Tanglin Mall and will be opening the camp season at Tanglin Mall coming Easter 2023!!! There will be a massive play space and kids-friendly facilities so STAY TUNED!

                                                                                            Impressions Team! 

Sneak Peeks of Summer Camp! 

Yay! We did it!

8 weeks of camp at our two studios and a couple of offsite camps throughout Singapore. It has been Soooo Extremely Hectic! Just the fact that we’re (Team Teachers) not all laying face flat on the ground is quite a feat. Haha! 

Firstly, I am so proud and honoured to be a part of what our amazing team has accomplished.
From week one to week Eight our campers had a blast and we are so grateful to all the families that trusted us and joined us for all the magic this summer.

Camp is about so many things, from learning new skills, art creation, to connecting and forming new friendships and definitely to taking risks! 

Now we are off to getting ready the Autumn & Winter Camps! Do register now to Reserve your slots!

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